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Shantell Drew


DIPG: July 2017 - April 2018

Forever Age: 6

Shantell was always a happy kid. She always made friends with other kids, and didn't like to see kids being treated badly. She always spoke up if she did see that. Whenever music was playing, you better believe she was dancing. Some of her favorite artists were Chris Brown and Beyonce. She was very articulate and a sweetheart. Even going through her battle she always wanted to make sure I was okay. 

If Shantell saw me cry, she would tell me it's going to be okay. She loved giving me hugs and kisses. Everyone that met my baby loved her and her energy. She had a great spirit and was always happy. She loved watching videos, playing with her Barbie dolls, baby dolls,  playing dress up in her clothes and costume jewelry. Shantell’s favorite color was pink. She loved playing with her cousins, always called her grandma, and loved spending time with her grandmother. The bond we had was magical. We would always go out on mommy daughter dates. We always gave each other good morning hugs and goodnight kisses. Every morning if she was home with me, we'd ask each other how'd you sleep? We often gave each other uga mugas. An uga mugas is a nose kiss. We would rub our noses together. That’s an uga muga. 


Shantell enjoyed when we went to the mall and especially Chucky Cheese. She loved Frozen, Reck it Ralph and all the Disney princesses. She had just started getting into watching Disney channel and cheetah girls. I always went the extra mile to make sure she felt pretty, especially after she was diagnosed. She always had headbands, bows or barrets in her hair. 

Shantell was very tall for her age. When she went to heaven, she was 4'4”. She loved good food as well, especially when I made taco salad, lasagna hamburger helper or chicken. She was in kindergarten and doing 1st and 2nd grade work. She was way ahead of her class. She was home schooled due to all the doctor visits. Her battle against DIPG lasted 9 months and 5 days after diagnosis. Shantell had this way that she showed you love. It was like no other. Shantell is loved and missed. 

Written by Shanell Thomas, Shantell’s mother. 

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