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Meet Moose, Dementor the Moose.

Kayne met Dementor, his service dog, for the first time in Tampa, Florida on July 8, 2017.  At the time, Dementor was just a little over two years old and being trained in Orlando by Trained and Maintained (no longer in business).
He was a “Disney Dog” and got his name from the popularity of the Harry Potter book and movie series.


United with Dementor to go with him to LSU in the fall, Kayne received supervised training with the trainer in Kentucky while undergoing treatments for DIPG at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The family was trained on all the ways in which Dementor was able to work and what commands to use when, even the proper ways of how to bathe him.

On August 6, they set out for their adventure together to Baton Rouge, stopping at Graceland in Tennessee, getting settled in the residence hall and learning how to navigate walking and scooting around campus to classes.

While they attended LSU together, Dementor, or Moose, as Kayne fondly referred to him met countless other students, professors and new friends.  He made quite the companion, helping Kayne pick up things, alerting to headaches, migraines and seizures and providing mobility support.  Best of all, Moose was a “cuddle buddy” when Kayne was feeling bad or sad.

After Kayne went to Heaven, our family made the decision to keep Moose as a service companion for Kayne’s father, Curtis.  For over two years, Moose has accompanied Curtis on grocery store visits, doctor appointments, the movies and many other family functions.

Moose lived quite the life, traveling all over.  You could find he and Kayne jet-setting on airplanes and in boats, cars and trucks. He loved to work and truly was a people pleaser.  His most famous feature was his long tongue that had trouble fitting in his mouth. He had a cleft upper lip, a little bit like an Elvis lip curl, which made the Graceland stop ever more special. Moose was treated and cared for like a King and family member and he was loved by all who met him or knew of him.

We will miss Moose very much as he passed over the Rainbow Bridge on April 2, 2020. We find comfort in knowing that Kayne welcomed him home with those long, lanky arms of his into the Kingdom of Heaven with a wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, of tail and tushy, a great big hug and a showering of kisses into his soft and cuddly ears, face and lovable body.

Run free, sweet pal, Dementor! Run free! Have fun playing with Kayne.

Donations in Dementor the Moose’s memory will go directly to the Cannonballs Cares program to provide for those families in financial distress due to DIPG/DMG.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We love you all!
The Finleys
Kirsten, Curtis and Keagan


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