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DIPG from Kayne's perspective...

     No child should have to ring the bell!

I am fighting against a stage 4 DIPG [Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma], cancerous childhood brain tumor. It is very rare because only about 300 kids each year develop them and it mostly happens in younger kids. I'm 17. It even more rarely appears in adults. The doctors can't do surgery because my tumor is located in the pons and medulla parts of my brainstem and mixed with healthy tissue.

There is currently no cure for DIPG and the prognosis is unfortunately very poor. Once my radiation treatment is finished, I have to go through more experimentation with medicine because [typical] chemotherapy drugs don't work. I've decided on a clinical trial in Cincinnati and will begin in February.

What is shocking about this diagnosis is less than 1% survive to 4 years post diagnosis and most pass within the first year. From a funding perspective, ALL childhood cancers get less than 4% of the national funding for cancer. Divided up, brain cancers and specifically, DIPG, get practically nothing. I believe together we can raise awareness and make DIPG as well known as breast cancer. "Gold & Gray" need to be just as recognized as pink.

I hope that with all the people that know my name and my diagnosis, I can be a beacon of inspiration worldwide.

Please educate yourself and others about DIPG and help us fight for and develop a cure. Every single person makes a difference. I appreciate everyone who watches our videos and joins me on my journey at #cannonballsforKayne! God bless!

Written by Kayne Finley

Facebook: January 17, 2017

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