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THE #cannonballsforKayne MOVEMENT initially began with the swimming community of Daytona Beach, Florida the early morning of November 28, 2016 as an inspiring and fun way to rally for their teammate and friend, Kayne Finley, just days after being diagnosed with an inoperable, cancerous DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) brain tumor.

Since then, Kayne has launched this foundation with purpose and vigor to raise awareness and funds for proper research and testing of treatments for the prevention and cure of pediatric brain cancers, with emphasis on DIPG.

While there are over 120 different types of childhood brain tumors, DIPG is the most underfunded, the least researched and the most aggressive in children, leaving many families feeling helpless, yet desperate, to get the best medical care for their child. The financial stress of these situations can have long-term effects on families.

The Cannonballs for Kayne Foundation strives to improve the lives of those affected with a childhood brain cancer diagnosis.  It is our belief that each  individual can make ripples in the water; together we will MAKE WAVES!

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