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Cannonballs Cares About You

With caring hearts Cannonballs Cares humbly serves the children, teens and young adults living with cancer in the micro-site community of Volusia County, Florida to create happy distractions locally, make more smiles and create lasting memories for our patients, caregivers and their families. We know how cancer affects everyone in the whole family. 


Living with a cancer diagnosis can seem impossible and stressful. There are physical, emotional, logistical and financial challenges that have an extreme and lasting impact. Our volunteers and community of donors, sponsors and foundations are here for you and strive to provide joyful experiences near the Daytona Beach area to patients, caregivers and their families while home on respite from their treating medical centers. 


Do you know a child or young adult under 25 years of age enduring pediatric cancer? Nominate them. We thank you for caring about the wellbeing of a patient and their family, and for taking the time to explore if and how Cannonballs may be able to provide support. 
Please read the Q&A below to learn if the patient/family you know meets our registration requirements and how they may be registered as a Cannonballs Cares Family. This page also includes a link to make us aware of how you or your company would like to provide support, services or goods to patients and families who are able to register with the Cannonballs for Kayne Foundation. 


Let’s bring sunshine, crush the waves and make a splash together! 

Information For Families

Q: Who does Cannonballs help? What constitutes a Cannonballs Cares Family? 

A: Cannonballs supports children and young adults being treated for pediatric cancer who live in Volusia County, Florida while also supporting families during times of both inpatient and outpatient treatments. Our patients range in age from birth to 25 years old.  

A Cannonballs Cares family includes the immediate family of a pediatric cancer patient, their siblings/offspring, parent(s), spouse and primary caregiver(s). Referred patients and their families are eligible to register with Cannonballs from the patient’s date of diagnosis until they are 5 years post treatment. There is no race/ethnicity, religious affiliation, or income requirement. 


Q: What is the procedure required to become a Cannonballs Cares Family? 

A: Eligible patients (and their families) are typically referred to Cannonballs by social workers. Families or caregivers may submit a simple registration form through our website and provide social worker contact information to us for validation. Social workers are the best to reach us on behalf of patients and caregivers. 


Q: How can friends and family help us support the people they know/love? 

A: If there is something we can do to give a patient/family a little joy, we would certainly like to try. Respecting the family's right to privacy, please help us better understand the family's likes/dislikes, challenges and celebratory opportunities. With this information, we can utilize our resources to their best advantage, make our efforts more impactful, and even add an element of surprise. 


Q: Do you serve patients affected by other illnesses or challenges? 

A: Unfortunately, Cannonballs Cares families are often followed by more than one dark cloud. We do what we can, when we can, as often as we can to support individual family members in their time of crisis. However, our mission prevents us from registering patients who do not have cancer. 


Q: What information is collected as part of Cannonballs Cares registration process? 

A: Cannonballs Cares Registration Form asks for family members’ names and ages, interests and activities, as well as the family’s address and contact information. We also ask about the patient’s diagnosis and challenges, treating doctor, social worker and estimated length of treatment. Additional questions help Cannonballs understand what brings the patient and family comfort and joy. This information helps us identify smile-worthy and memory making items and experiences, prioritize and utilize resources effectively, and better connect with the individuals and whole family. 


Q: What happens once a registration form is submitted back to the Cannonballs for Kayne Foundation? 

A: Cannonballs makes a personal call to the family within one business day of receiving the registration information and will coordinate validation with the medical center social worker. During the call, we will introduce the organization, review the information we have, and explain how to utilize our services. We will also invite the family to join our private online community. We will then send the Cannonballs Cares patient/family a welcome package.  
The entire family benefits from our programs, services, facilities and events. 

Q: What is the best way to reach someone at the Cannonballs for Kayne Foundation? 

A: We are available by phone, email, or social media post. Our main number is (859) 991-1084 and our email is You can also message us on Facebook and Instagram. A Cannonballs Cares representative will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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